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Mass Evangelism Crusades

A Crusade Testimony

The Dar es Salaam Crusade was awesome. We had a small crowd but we decided to go to the whole nation via two radio stations. It was incredible the testimonies that have come back from that one move. We broadcast the Crusade live every night and then also the conference for a total of 30-1/2 hours of Radio time during prime driving time!

The photo shows one five year old who was blind. He came to the front for prayer and received his sight. This precious little one stood in the testimony line and when it was his turn to share with one of our men what had happened he was asked where his mother was. The little boy answered bravely and boldly, "it is me who was healed, not my mother!" What a great night!!

He went right home and told his father, "I can see, Jesus healed me!"

We heard numerous testimonies of entire families kneeling by the radio to be saved! Our altar workers followed people who had been saved at the meeting back to their homes and shared the word of life with them also, and they were saved in their homes! It truly was the scripture from Acts where whole families were saved at one time.

Thank you so much for sending us and making it possible for us to be a part of what God is doing on the earth today! We love you and pray for your needs and for the salvation of your families.

Mass Evangelism Crusades

Although many African cities have Christianity in them, a high percentage of them are (nominal) Christians that do not believe in being BORN AGAIN. According to John 3:3, you must be Born Again. They MUST come to Jesus to get to heaven. Only a small percentage of the population is saved.

It is Scriptural to preach to the MULTITUDES. Jesus did in Matthew 4:25 and many other instances.

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