MAN WHO WAS MAD and his family testify of his miraculous deliverance.

A Crusade Testimony

This man I am interviewing was a mad man. He is on the platform with his brother, mother and father all sharing his testimony. He used to take two pangas (machetes) and an axe and chase people trying to kill them. Once he threw a spear at his father trying to kill him. Ten strong men couldnít hold him down. On one occasion he bit a manís thumb off and another time nearly yanked a manís intestines out. They would bind him with double ropes and he would break them. They put oxen chains on his legs and tie him to a post but he would yank the post out of the ground. He would cry out often, cutting himself and sucking his own blood. His mother told of how she had cried often for him. His father and brother told their story. They said they got their brother and son back. The young man said he now wants to go throughout Uganda and tell people of what Jesus had done for him. It was a miracle like the man among the tombs. Only Jesus can do this!

Mass Evangelism Crusades

Although many African cities have Christianity in them, a high percentage of them are (nominal) Christians that do not believe in being BORN AGAIN. According to John 3:3, you must be Born Again. They MUST come to Jesus to get to heaven. Only a small percentage of the population is saved.

It is Scriptural to preach to the MULTITUDES. Jesus did in Matthew 4:25 and many other instances.