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  1. God's Healing Promises
  2. 4th Man in the Fire
  3. Salvaging Ruined Lives
  4. What Happens at Death?
  5. Witchcraft in Africa
  6. The Great White Throne Judgement
  7. Signs of the Times
  8. Hindrances to Receiving Healing
  9. Perverting the Kingdom
  10. Perverting Grace
  11. The Unknown God
  12. War on the Bible
  13. What to Do When You
    Don't Know What to Do
  14. Corrupting Christian
  15. The Ministers of Satan
  16. His Name Shall Be
    Called Jesus
  17. Suffering
  18. God's Golden
  19. Jesus, The Great 'I AM',
    The Almighty
  20. Enemies of Christianity
  21. Battle With The Flesh
  22. Revelation Knowledge
    vs Sense Knowledge
  23. Evolution, the Big Lie
  24. The Purpose Driven
    Life is Unscriptural
  25. Alcohol, a Shortcut to a Ruined Life
  26. True and False
  27. Great Falling Away
  28. Heaven
  29. Fear
  30. The Church is Not Israel
  31. Science's War on God
  32. Is the All Sovereignty of God Scriptural?
  33. The Mark of the Beast is Coming
  34. Business Principles of the Bible
  35. Perverting the Atonement
  36. What is Real Salvation?
  37. Interfaith - The Merging of World Religions
  38. Goshen, a Place of Protection
  39. A World Government is Coming
  40. When the Party is Over
  41. Baal/Satanism
  42. The Queen of Heaven
  43. Mixing Baal with Christianity
  44. Man Is A God?
  45. Pentecost Defiled
  46. Unscriptural & Scriptural Prayer
  47. The Rapture
  48. The Mark of the Beast
  49. Truth
  50. A Biblical Family Relationship
  51. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  52. Perversion of Authority
  53. Iraq In Bible Prophecy
  54. The Abuse of the Cross
  55. Treachery
  56. Blasphemy
  57. Perversion of the Authority of the Believer
  58. Trinity or Jesus only
  59. Healing
  60. Iraq in Bible Prophecy
  61. True and False Apostles
  62. Jesus is the Superpower
  63. The Perversion of the Anointing
  64. When the Party is Over
  65. God's Healing is for Now
  66. Rapture
  67. Deliverance
  68. Translation
  69. Escape by the Blood
  70. Why God Destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah
  71. War on God
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