By Loren Davis


Saturday, December 19, 2008, By STEVEN WALDMAN

Question?  Is Rick Warren really a conservative Christian?  A conservative Christian defined as one who believes in the inerrancy of the Bible.



1.    On May 23, 2005, Rick Warren was a guest speaker at The Pew and

Religious Forum. Here is what he said regarding the fundamentals of Christianity:


“Today there really aren’t that many Fundamentalists left; I don’t know if you

know that or not, but they are such a minority; there aren’t that many

Fundamentalists left in America. Now the word “Fundamentalist” actually comes

from a document in the 1920’s called The Five Fundamentals of the Faith. And it

is a very legalistic, narrow view of Christianity.”


These are The Five Fundamentals of the Faith that he is referring to:

1. The Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ

2. The Virgin Birth

3. The Blood Atonement

4. The Bodily Resurrection

5. The Inerrancy of the Scriptures


Rick Warren says that these fundamentals are “a very legalistic, narrow view of

Christianity.” It is apparent that he is determined to re-define Christianity, and lead it away from the precepts of the Bible. The author of the PDL is a Baptist pastor. He has taken a stand against Fundamentalist Christianity and contrary to fundamentalist Baptist beliefs.


How can one be a conservative Christian who does not believe in these Fundamentals?  His viewpoint is that of modernist and liberal theologian. 




In Rick Warren's best selling book THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE, p. 285, Rick Warren says, "JESUS SAID THE DETAILS OF MY RETURN ARE NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS." There is absolutely no truth in this statement according to Matthew 24. In this chapter Jesus gives many details regarding the end times and His return. If you are not familiar with what Jesus said about the end times you will not be prepared for what is coming. Jesus told us so that we would not be caught unaware and so that when we see these things we can be comforted by the scriptures and be ready.




There has been great controversy because Rick Warren was asked to

pray at the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.  The controversy is because the new President is for civil unions and was strongly backed by the gay community and Rick Warren campaigned against gay marriage in California in 2008. An Episcopal Gay bishop also was invited to pray at the inauguration.

Question?  How does this line up with Rick Warren’s overall activity?  Is he just reaching across the aisle or is there more to it and a hidden agenda?


a.      WSJ Saturday, December 19, 2009 said this about Rick Warren.

 He started by acknowledging that divorce is a much bigger threat to the American family than gay marriage -- and chiding fellow conservatives for focusing on gay marriage more. He also said he supported civil partnership laws, a position which just got a top official fired from the National Association of Evangelicals. And later in the interview he said that Christianity has been harmed by religious conservatives focusing too much on politics.”

b.      Rick Warren didn’t stop with that in his oratory before the Muslim gathering. He then began to assure his audience that he is a “huge” fan of gay activist and singer, Melissa Etheridge, who had performed earlier that evening, and announced that he has all her albums. He went farther to disclose that Ms. Etheridge has even signed her Christmas album for him!

Rick was in overdrive to prove his pro-gay credentials after the negative press from some radical activists who don’t like his presence at Obama’s Inaugural blow-out.

c.     Rick Warren has clarified his position on gays saying He is not against homosexuality just against homosexual marriage and pedophilia.  Is that Conservative Biblical Christianity? - 50k

I want to warn readers. Rick Warren, the master of the dialectic method, is on an extremely clever public relations campaign. He is moving on to his next phase—the political one. You may have read Warren’s quote this week that the “social gospel is Marxism in Christian clothing.”  Really, Rick? There is absolutely nothing so effective in the bottomless bag of tricks of our emerging cultural architects than this ploy. Nobody better embodies the social gospel than Rick Warren. For years, he has been exposed for promoting exactly that—helping people externally minus the exclusive Gospel of  Jesus Christ. Yet here we have the man who has done more to further the social gospel than any other, actually decrying the “social gospel.” Why does he do this? It’s the sleight of tongue that causes his followers to relax, to believe that after all, “Rick Warren would not mislead us!

And this article was on the "Dow Jones Market Watch"???


It appears that Rick Warren is playing both sides against the middle on the gay issue.


d.     Rick Warren distorts and disagrees with many scriptures.


He uses 15 translations of the bible in his pdl book and by using this technique grossly distorts the word of god.






On page 31 of his Purpose Drive Life book, Rick Warren quotes Bernie Siegel, a major New Age leader.  Bernie Siegel is connected to Gerald Jampolsky and Neal Donald Walsh who openly say that the days of believing in an exclusive savior are over.  If he is a ‘conservative’ Christian, why would he be quoting New Age leaders who do not believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ nor that Jesus is the only savior of the world?   (See sources at the bottom of the article for documentation).




In Rwanda, he said he was going to TRANSFORM THE CHURCHES into institutions of feeding the poor; education; and places for medical treatment.  These are all noble causes, but that it is not the main purpose of the church. He is literally using humanitarianism as a bait to change churches from being spiritual institutions into social institutions.   He also is luring the bishops and pastors with money and promising them ‘church growth’.   This is corrupting the bishops and pastors. To receive his aid there are strings attached though.  Pastors have to come under his tutelage to be retrained with his brand of PURPOSE DRIVEN Christianity and follow his guidelines.  He boasts of retraining hundreds of thousands of pastors worldwide.  He is literally reprogramming the pastors and bishops to think like him and his allies who are behind the scene. This is one reason WSJ called him ‘America’s Pastor’.  The reality is that he is not only reprogramming pastors in America, he is doing this worldwide.  We know because we live in Africa and have seen what he is doing there first hand.  


Much of the funds of his work are connected to “Faith Based” types of programs funded by some governments.   He is the front man not only of governments but also of some wealthy philanthropists.  He is also getting many churches to flow their missions funds through him. It has been said that whoever controls the gold makes the rules.   So if much of the funds are coming from political sources and secular charity organizations, that means ‘non-Christians’ who are helping fund him, will be involved in making the rules and call the shots about what will be taught in the churches.  REMEMBER, YOU DON’T GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING! Government and secular donors, using him, are trying to takeover the churches and use them to implement their political and ideological agendas.  Missions has basically been transformed from winning the lost to humanitarianism.


In an area where we built many churches in Africa, one of our pastors told us that NGO’s came to their villages and told the pastors that they wanted to work through them to distribute food to the people.  The pastors were excited, but there was a hitch. They said that a condition to having the humanitarian aid flow through them was that they could continue preaching about God but not about Jesus.


Humanitarian work is good if there are no strings attached, but unfortunately often it has a hook in it.  The way you catch a fish is to offer free food, but the fish doesn’t realize that the free meal will cost him his life.  All he thinks about is that he can get an easy meal and fill his belly.   In the same vein, too often pastors must accept to be reprogrammed and follow the donors’ rules to receive aid.   Rick Warren knows that the way to catch the poor is to offer free food, but the condition to receive it is that these poor people must accept his New Christianity.  We believe in humanitarianism, but from what we have seen, the humanitarian motive here is not pure.  The main purpose of the church is not social work but to be a place to teach people about Jesus; get people saved and to teach them God’s Word showing them how to live a godly and successful life. 




Rick Warren is a globalist.  His PDL book wreaks with globalism.  He is a master at double speak, bait and switch.  He does this on many issues and literally redefines many scriptures.  I believe he is a man on an assignment whose purpose is to cunningly move the conservative Christians into the liberal theological Christian and political camps.  I believe his purpose is to neutralize conservative Christianity so it will not be an obstruction to the U.N.’s , New Age’s , and liberals global agenda.   He is definitely a PURPOSE DRIVEN man.


 Another major issue is that no matter what nation he is working in, he is always working with their political leaders as well as their religious leaders.  Why are the political leaders of nearly every nation and even world leaders working with him, a ‘Christian’ pastor,  when most of these national leaders are not Christians themselves?  In reality it appears his job is to unite Church and State again like it was in old England and how it is today in Saudi Arabia.  When this is done, then there would only be one church, the State Church, like they have  in China today.   The State then would control the Church and its  belief system.  Freedom of religion will then be dead.   Rick Warren has also been connected with the U.N. which is a godless, antichrist organization.  He has participated in interfaith prayer meetings at the U.N. with Muslims, Hindus, etc.  No real conservative Christian would join in prayer meetings with those who do not believe in the divinity of Christ.


Question?  In light of all the evidence, why is the Wall Street Journal, a major secular newspaper, anointing Rick Warren as the leader of Christian conservatives?   Why would the world be promoting him as the representative of the conservative Christian arm of Christianity? The reality is that he is not a Christian conservative.  He is a liberal modernist.  


Conservative Bible believing Christians must not by duped by this.  A Christianity that is not founded solely on the Bible is not Christianity at all.  The deliberate dumbing down of  Christianity seems to be HIS PURPOSE.  If we don’t wake up, true biblical Christianity will be finished.  That is the plan.


The research sources below  will further familiarize you with this extreme position of the neo-Christian movement and where it is driving the true Christian church.





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