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Newsletter from Loren and Celeste Davis


Two months before we left for our crusade in Uganda we got a letter from a pastor in Tanzania and from another pastor in Bukwo, Uganda warning that they got wind that a coalition of major preachers in America were planning to sabotage our crusade in Ssembabule. Since we have had 2 attempted sabotages and 2 successful sabotages of our crusades in Africa since 2009 we didn't take the threat lightly. In all instances money had been given to African pastors not to cooperate with us and to hinder us. Also, in Narok, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania our hotel rooms had been broken into and thieves stole thousands of dollars of equipment and money among other crimes committed against us. But this was totally unbelievable that after having gone through such a terrible bout with cancer that they would still try to sabotage us again, especially because the crusade was being held in a village and in a remote area. It has become very clear, that these attacks are systematic and that they intend to stop us from preaching anywhere. The issue why they oppose us is for preaching sound fundamental Bible doctrines instead of their new hybrid, politically correct, 'this world' Christianity. The battle is an all out war, even from inside Christianity, to stop true Bible Christianity and evangelizing the lost.

Just prior to our driver leaving Kenya with our truck for Uganda he received a text threatening him and telling him he would never cross the border. Indeed, our truck and equipment were held up at the border for six days, but God supernaturally helped us and finally we got cleared. We then discovered that this coalition had given a large sum of money to get the venue for our crusade out from under us. But all their efforts eventually failed after a major battle . Celeste reminded me of the story in 1 Chronicles 11:11-14 where David's mighty men decided to stay and fight for a small barley patch. She said, "This small village of Ssembabule is our barley patch. Let's fight for it and not give up any ground to the devil." I agreed.

The manager of the radio station in Ssembabule said that a white man came and offered him thousands of dollars not to air our crusade or programs on their radio. He refused, seeing it wasn't right. Then one of our enemies' agents gave the Minister of Health of the area money to shut down our meeting, but we had all the correct papers and that attempt failed. Two years prior, a famous African preacher had come there, but instead of preaching the Gospel, he took up huge offerings, promising the people miracles and that they would get rich if they gave him large sums of money. This soured the village against the Gospel.

The Uganda newspaper headlines said the rebels were headed toward Ssembabule to fight. The authorities had concerns our crusade would be bombed. The physical threat on us was so great that the crusade field had to be roped off and armed security had to screen everyone coming onto the field. Many heavily armed soldiers were brought in by the government to ward off any attack.

Besides all this, it rained hard every day up to the crusade, but God intervened and we were rain free during the time of the crusade. That in itself was a sign and wonder. Despite these hindrances, God moved supernaturally. We had many great miracles and a big response to accept Christ. Several thousand attended and so many came to Christ in this village. The governor of the region invited us to his office. He had been in a terrible accident and had major surgery and walked with a limp. He couldn't walk far. We prayed for him and God healed him. He came to the platform and gave his testimony demonstrating that he can now walk well. A little girl who had an enlarged heart from birth, whose chest protruded way out, was instantly healed. Several testified of being healed of cancer. A six year old boy testified he was healed of epilepsy, and since the first day of the crusade had no attacks. A woman who was totally deaf received her hearing and her goiter also disappeared. God wrought many mighty miracles. 600 pastors attended our two day conference teaching sound Bible doctrine. We slaughtered two cows and fed them well. In the end, God gave us a tremendous victory. As a result of what happened there we were invited to visit one of the most influential political leaders of Africa and spend time with him and his wife.

We are now broadcasting on radio one hour prime time weekly in 7 African nations, 6 national broadcasts. We are getting massive response of people getting saved and healed through these broadcasts. Last week our broadcast in Liberia had 790 calls and texts with a major political leader calling in to accept Christ. In Rwanda and Goma, Congo we were told that one of my messages is being played by cd on the local buses. We were told that in Goma someone had set up big speakers and was playing my messages in a big market place there. We are now planning to start broadcasting in Sierre Leone, West Africa, Central African Republic, and also to go on the national radio of The Congo.

Our TV broadcasts are continuing weekly district to district in India with huge results of salvation and healing. We have now finished two states and are in the third state in India. One lady who watched the program called in and testified Jesus healed her of elephantitus.

The battle has been fierce; we are beaten up a little, but we are strong and the Lord has given us a mighty victory. Thanks so much for standing with us. All the glory belongs to Jesus! Early in 2014 will going to the far regions of the earth for a major crusade in a heavily populated city of very poor people. Very few are Christians. Please pray with us that God will brings multitudes into His kingdom in this upcoming crusade.

Yours for souls,

Loren and Celeste Davis


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Loren & Celeste with security team

Little girl healed of enlarged heart

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