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Newsletter from Loren and Celeste Davis

April 2007

Dear Partner,

Our crusade in the Muslim city of Malindi, Kenya, brought forth a tremendous victory. Mosques were on every side of the crusade grounds. Just before the crusade 20 human fetuses were sacrificed and put in a plastic bag. They were found under a tree close to the crusade grounds. They did this to curse the crusade. Women dressed in black Islamic burkas and men in their Islamic traditional white gowns and hats were everywhere. I preached Jesus more boldly than I had ever preached Him. The Lord protected us! Great miracles began to happen.

I don't think we have ever seen more cripples healed as we saw in this crusade. The last day the field was totally filled with people and thousands responded to accept Christ. The crusade was covered on the national television news of Kenya. In the report they showed Muslim women dressed in black who said they now believed Jesus is the Son of God. A report came that after the crusade, a crippled child in a village saw one of our posters and reached up and touched it. When she did, Jesus healed her and she got up and walked.

It was peaceful during the crusade, but six days afterwards, the Muslims went on a vengeful rampage burning down small businesses. Later the same morning, a Muslim bus crashed in the city killing eleven and hurting many others. The fear of the Lord fell on the city and it became peaceful again. Reports came that the churches are really growing with the new converts.

We also built 17 more churches in unreached villages among the Duruma tribe on the south coast of Kenya and one in Tanzania. The churches were filled and many Muslim elders accepted Christ in the villages as well as others. They now have their own pastors. We are tired but rejoicing in the great things the Lord has done. Thanks so much for your prayers and finances to win these precious people to Jesus.

We will be coming home in late April and returning to Africa the middle of August for another major crusade, as well as building more churches as the Lord provides. It costs $3,500 to build a church. Pray about what the Lord would have you do to keep this big combine rolling through the cities and jungles of Africa. The Lord will not forget what you are doing to get the lost into His kingdom. Please continue to pray for us even while we are home.

We appreciate and love you in the Lord,

Loren & Celeste Davis

…about our Father's business… Luke 2:49b

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