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Newsletter from Loren and Celeste Davis

February 2009



The week before we left for India I was in downtown Nairobi in the Nakumatt supermarket buying a couple of things. CELESTE CALLED ME AT 2:20 P.M. and told me I should leave wherever I was and come home. She was prompted by the Holy Spirit and I thought that odd, but cut my time short there and got in the long line and checked out. Within minutes A TERRIBLE FIRE BROKE OUT IN THE SUPERMARKET AND A great tragedy happened. At least a hundred people were trapped inside and burned alive or could not be found. The security guards locked the doors to stop any looting and sealed the fate of the shoppers inside. The newspaper said THE FIRST DISTRESS CALL CAME FROM THE MARKET AT 2:30P.M. so I barely got out moments before the explosion and fire. Surely it was the Lord who prompted Celeste to call and tell me to leave. Thanks to the Lord for his mighty deliverance. (Google: Nairobi Nakumatt fire)


As you know, we had planned to go to India for a crusade. We knew that going to India to preach was dangerous: the terrorist attacks in Mumbai; hundreds of pastors who have recently been killed and hundreds of churches burned. 90% ARE HINDU; 8% ARE MUSLIM; 1.5% CATHOLIC AND LESS THAN .5% BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS. Spiritually it is a catastrophe. But reading the book of Acts, we see that it was dangerous and tough for Paul and the apostles to preach where they preached. We had come to India with four of our African team members traveling with us. When we arrived, we discovered that God was already moving. Our host, Pastor Isaiah gave us a testimony that several years prior he had a dream and in it saw my face. Surfing the net he said he found me on our website. The Lord impressed him to invite us to India for a crusade. After communicating with him for several years, we accepted the invitation.

HINDU SHRINES AND TEMPLES ARE EVERYWHERE and the people worship 3,333,000 gods as well as cows that roam all over the streets. We were in time to see a big Hindu Festival which confirmed to us the great spiritual darkness. We advertised heavily. Our faith was strong . The field was brightly lit up like a great festival.

We had met with the pastors of the small churches of the city, but THE FIRST NIGHT the attendance was a great disappointment. Only a few hundred people came and just a few pastors. Since our expectation was so high this was very disheartening, but Celeste sang and I preached like there was a massive crowd and ministered to the people.

Although we had only a few hundred people, GOD SHOWED UP. Several with different forms of paralysis were healed, but the most notable thing was that a woman who had a terrible cancer and was openly bleeding from the nose and mouth was instantly healed. She gave her testimony. Others said they had seen the blood oozing out of her face earlier in the evening.

The SECOND NIGHT the crowd doubled. This night the woman healed of cancer came again and testified that she was perfectly whole. She looked like a new woman. It was amazing! A man with a deaf ear received his hearing. Again, the healing power of God came on the crowd. A woman who had a goiter the size of my fist testified it disappeared while we were praying. Several who were nearly blind received their complete sight. One man had cataracts on his eyes and was totally blind. He showed us how the cataracts had left and now could see perfectly. The amazing thing is even though the crowds were small the news media was there and each day they were positively reporting the miracles in five different newspapers plus giving us television news coverage. We are still fighting discouragement because of the low attendance, but found the people to be precious. They were like sheep having no shepherd. We were greatly encouraged because of what God was doing.

THE THIRD NIGHT the crowd grew significantly. People were now coming in from distant villages crowded in trailers being pulled by tractors. I began to realize how much of a stronghold Hinduism had on India. We had some wonderful singers who came from the capital to bless the crowd . Celeste, dressed in the Indian Sari, looked so beautiful. She looked like an Indian princess. Everyone loved her and her singing. People began to come because of the mighty miracles the Lord was doing. More pastors began to come as well. On Saturday I preached on 'THE UNKOWN GOD' and told them that the 'Unknown God' is Jesus, the Creator of the world. Many Hindus got saved and healed that night and confessed Christ publicly. Many miracles were happening every night. This night a man whose left arm was paralyzed was instantly healed by the Lord and he can now raise it perfectly. Another man who was paralyzed completely on his left side was healed and demonstrated his miracle. Another man who was totally deaf in both ears instantly received his complete hearing. More and more Hindus began to testify publicly that they had now accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

We had favor with the authorities throughout the 'Festival'. They had no problem with us. We were not fighting any religion, just preaching Jesus Christ. Each day the newspapers were showing our pictures and printing the overview of my messages along with the TV stations. This was reaching the whole district

We will never forget THE LAST NIGHT. Celeste and I arrived at the big crusade grounds at 7:30 P.M. with great expectancy. To my chagrin, although the choir had begun singing there was HARDLY ANYONE THERE. It was a nightmare. We went to the back of the platform in a private room and I was really fighting despair, but decided I would minister my best to whoever was there. The singing seemed to go on and on. Finally they brought us to the platform at 9:00 P.M. I was astonished at what I saw. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WERE IN THE FIELD. All I could think was that they must have been translated there like Philip in the Book of Acts. I was totally shocked. 50 tractors pulling trailers packed with people from surrounding villages were there. It was so touching to see such a hunger for God. They honored us by throwing flower petals all over us and covering us big flower leis and flower crowns on us and the team. We were deeply touched. Many of the news media was there. The crowd finally finished arriving at 9:30 and I started preaching. We have never seen a phenomenon like this before.

We later found out that A MAJOR TV STATION HAD BROADCAST CELESTE'S SINGING AND MY MESSAGE LIVE that night to an area 150 kilometers in radius of the city where we were preaching. This covered cities with POPULATIONS OF OVER 30 MILLION plus and to over 150 villages. Most villagers have TV in India. The TV station did this on their own with NO CHARGE. We have had so much favor with the press. All in all, THE LAST NIGHT WE LITERALLY MINISTERED TO MILLIONS OF HINDUS IN INDIA. I was very bold preaching Jesus Christ and it looked like the whole multitude responded to accept Christ. An older lady told us that 30 years ago she had breast cancer and had her breasts removed. She had a terrible soreness from the operation that never left her. She testified God healed her, and the soreness and pain was gone. She also had long time wound on her leg which was completely healed. What God has done here is beyond comprehension. THIS WAS NOT THE WORK OF MAN, BUT THE HANDIWORK OF GOD.

This reminds me of what God said to Joshua, "AS I WAS WITH MOSES, SO SHALL I BE WITH YOU." Beyond a doubt, GOD WAS WITH US! After that crusade we held a powerful TWO DAY CONFERENCE FOR MINISTERS. 700 ATTENDED. It was very productive. THIS HAS TRULY BEEN A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH IN INDIA.

Flying back to Nairobi CELESTE GOT FOOD POISONING on the plane and had to be hospitalized for several days. She is now doing well. The Bible says, "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard." "With every temptation He has made a way of escape."

We praise the Lord that we have been able to evangelize and BUILD 13 MORE CHURCHES in unreached villages. Our churches are flourishing.

We trust this report encourages you to continue to be involved in winning the lost to Jesus Christ!

Thank you for your prayers and giving.

Loren and Celeste Davis

Enjoy the photos of your harvest!

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