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Newsletter from Loren and Celeste Davis

March 2010

Dear Partner,

In India's caste system, Christians are viewed as lower than 'the untouchables'. There are not many Christians. But where sin abounds, grace much more abounds. Our hearts are overwhelmed at the huge harvest God gave us in India. The massive field was 2/3rds full. The Lord did many mighty miracles. A woman who had been severely burned by her husband, showed us publicly her horrific burn scars. She testified that after prayer her sores and all her pain were gone. Several testified of receiving their sight.

One evening, while one of our security cars was leaving the crusade field to pick us up, he ran over a four year old boy. The boy's body was lying on the ground lifeless. The driver was arrested and taken to jail and his car was impounded. The limp child was taken to the hospital. After 30 minutes in the hospital, the child opened his eyes. He was alive and had no broken bones. We were later told that if the child had been killed or severely hurt, the crusade would have been shut down and we would have been held liable. This was a great miracle!

The next night at the crusade the driver testified on the platform next to the parents holding the boy who was hit. The boy only had a small bruise on his head. The man testified that he had been a Hindu all his life, but now knew beyond a doubt that Jesus is God. Not only had the child been restored, but his life was given back to him. This testimony had a big impact.

A very influential man who was the head of the labor union for the state testified that all his life he had worshipped idols, but never had peace. He said that after hearing about Jesus and seeing the miracles he now knows that Jesus is God. Two maids at our hotel came to our room and although we couldn't understand their language, they said, 'Jesus', 'Jesus', and knelt for Celeste to pray with them. They both were sobbing and crying out to Jesus.

We were told that 16 TV stations covered the crusade including a national TV station of India as well as many newspapers. Many government officials came and welcomed Loren Davis Ministries publicly to India. I preached about Jesus and eternity very strong and that Jesus was the only way to heaven and that they should serve no other gods. It appeared the whole multitude responded to accept Jesus.

We are now in Africa dedicating six more churches that our team has just built. Thanks to everyone who gave and prayed! Without you, we would have never been able to reach them. The crusade in India was very costly. Our next crusade in the Fall will be in a predominantly Muslim city in Africa. Would you pray about helping us get this precious harvest?

Faithfully yours in the harvest field,

Loren and Celeste Davis

P.S. Click here if you want to plant a special gift for the work here in Africa.

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