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Newsletter from Loren and Celeste Davis

November 2006

Dear Partners,

It’s hard to find words to express what we have just witnessed. Our crusade in the Kibera Slums of Nairobi was one of the most powerful crusades we have ever had. Because of its location in such a hostile area, most of the people who came were from Kibera.

The police said that this crusade was the largest crowd ever to gather in Kibera, even for political rallies. Kibera is primarily Islamic and greatly downtrodden. Thousands responded to accept Christ. Pastors said that the Islamic stronghold on Kibera was broken. There were so many miracles that most nights we could not interview all of them. I have never been as bold to preach Christ and His Gospel. The power of God was so strong that it attracted many international news agencies to the crusade: USA Today was there two days; a journalist from England did a video interview with us; a journalist from France was there; and CNN called and wanted to interview me for “Inside Africa”. They interviewed us and covered the last night of the crusade. Only God knows what they are going to do with this. We also had a powerful three-day minister’s conference that drew 400 pastors and bishops. Despite having two major heart surgeries the end of August, I am getting stronger everyday. To God be the glory!

Currently we are on the coast of the Indian Ocean in the process of building 18 new churches in unreached villages. This is a heavily populated Islamic area. Pray for us and our team. The spiritual battle really pushes us to the edge at times.

We have been invited by the ministerial association of Malindi to preach a major crusade there beginning on March 1st. Malindi is on the Indian Ocean and is close to Somalia. It is primarily an Islamic city with a mosque virtually on every corner. It is a very lost city like Ninevah. We would rather go there voluntarily than by the means Jonah took to Ninevah. The Moslems really need Jesus. The Lord has made us very effective winning Muslims to Christ when we come with skill and the power of God.

This means we will have a quick turnaround returning to Africa. We will be home just in time for Christmas and leave the middle of February so as to miss the rainy season here. Translated, this means we have a short time to get the funding necessary to get this great harvest. Would you pray about making a good investment to win this city for Christ? Nothing gets God’s attention more than getting involved in what He is interested in. Jesus said, “Work while it is day. The night cometh when no man can work.” Time to harvest is running out! We pray for you and your needs. God’s miracle supply is abundant. It will never run out for any of us!!!

Faithfully yours for souls,

Celeste & Loren Davis

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