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Newsletter from Loren and Celeste Davis

February 2004

Dear Partner,

February is the season of Love in our culture. Pictures of Cupid are all around us with his red bow and arrow aiming for our hearts. Roses, the traditional flower for declaring love , are out in mass, with commercials on radio and television to” get your order in now” to send to the one you love for Valentine’s Day on February 14th!. Diamonds and perfume advertisers are vying for our attention to give that “ special someone” a gift to show them how much you care! Our culture has romanticized this special month to honor the gift of love.

How fitting that we are preparing to leave again for Africa this month to take God’s love to those who don’t know Him. Your faithful support makes this possible. Thank you for sending us with this message from Heaven. Without it, the world would not even know the word love. It certainly has perverted it, but even in trying to express the word and feelings of love, deep down inside, the world longs to know the reality of it.

Jesus Christ is the only one who can fill the heart with true love. Jesus Christ is the only one who can help us to express that love to others. May you be blessed this month with that fullness of joy that only Christ can bring, and thank you for helping us to express it to others thru your giving , prayers and sending us to the mission field.

God bless you today as you seek to live for Him.

About our Father's business,

Celeste & Loren Davis
Your missionaries to East and Central Africa

P.S. Click here if you want to plant a special gift for the work here in Africa.

NOTE: If you want field reports via email, be sure to give us your email address at combineharvesting@hotmail.com.
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