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Newsletter from Loren and Celeste Davis

November 9, 2005

Dear Precious Friends,

Wow! Did Jesus ever show up at our crusade in the Dandora slums of Nairobi. The last day 200,000 attended and it appeared they were all crying out to Jesus for salvation. Multitudes received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and many demon possessed were delivered. Many cripples were miraculously healed including a six year old boy who couldn't stand. He walked all over the platform with his mother weeping. Jesus is alive! Our cooperating pastors are following up on the new converts.

On the Monday after the meeting I was speaking at a conference in Nairobi that ended at dark. Celeste and I left in my crusade manager's car instead of my trooper which we normally used. An hour later our team using our vehicle called us informing us that they had been hijacked. Just as soon as they left the gate of the church compound two men armed with pistols took over my car forcing the men into the back seat. They drove around for thirty minutes threatening to kill them. Supernaturally, they let them go taking only a small amount of money and their cell phones. They left my expensive electronic equipment. My men said it looked like they were hunting for me. Our car is marked CHI, and was picked out of many other cars. Thank God for His leading and the blood of Jesus that protects us.

We have been building churches in the jungles and on the coast of Kenya in the interior. Two of them were on the Island of Manda in the Islamic district of Lamu. We had great victory! Our churches are being filled with people turning to Jesus.

We received a phone call that our building team headed into north central Kenya was surrounded by a big group of Moslems who would not allow them to build the church. They were stoned, but thank God they were able to get in the truck and flee, losing only their bedding. As the men were fleeing in the truck, one Muslim threw a rungu (an African warclub) at the windshield. The men in the cab said at the last second the warclub swerved up and cleared the cab. They said it was a real miracle. They said it was good Celeste and I weren't there at the time or it would have been a lot worse. Our God is a mighty deliverer.

We have reached 23 new villages with church buildings and the Gospel on this trip. Partnering with you is making great things happen for the Kingdom of God. No wonder Jesus said, "If any two on earth agree on anything in His name it shall be done."

We have been invited to preach a crusade in Maru, Kenya in the center of the country in February.

Thanks for your prayers and keeping this big combine rolling.

We appreciate your continual support as we have been away from home for a long time.

Faithfully yours in the Masters Service,

Celeste & Loren Davis
Your Missionaries to East and Central Africa

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