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Newsletter from Loren and Celeste Davis

BUKWO, UGANDA CRUSADE March 2012 a Sign and a Wonder

Dear Partner,

We have just seen one of the greatest manifestations of the glory of God we have ever seen. We went to a remote village in Uganda called Bukwo. Upon arriving in Bukwo all we saw was a short street with quaint African shops and the surrounding countryside which was dotted with African mud huts with thatched roofs. A Ugandan woman pastor friend of ours had set up the crusade. After assessing the situation, it appeared we would be lucky to have 2-300 people in attendance. We used a rented platform and p.a. system which were subpar, but determined to do our best and believe God to save, heal and deliver whoever came.

The first night, to our surprise, there was a big crowd. The people were hungry for God and really responded to the salvation call. Many mighty miracles and deliverances started happening including a mad man who was delivered.

By Sunday, we saw a vast multitude which was unspeakable. Where they came from only God knows. They came on foot over trails, dirt roads, bicycles, motorbikes, and loaded in the backs of trucks. There were so many miracles most nights we never got to the end of the line of testimonies.

This was one of the most incredible crusades we have ever seen. In the natural it could have never been forseen. There was not even a town close by. It was truly the hand of God.

Thank God for the multitudes that have been born into the kingdom of God on this trip.

Thanks for your support and prayer!

Loren and Celeste Davis

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