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Newsletter from Loren and Celeste Davis

May 2011

Hello Dear Partners,

Thought you would enjoy this photo and the story along with it.

We spent this Easter up in Pokot country where we first started ministering in Kenya in 1996. We also built three more churches in different parts of the country bordering Turkana and Samburu. One place the pastor and his wife had been praying for ten years for a plot of land and a church building. We had a wonderful miracle. God sent the Holy Ghost after a man to donate the land with a legal transfer of title and the building went up in 3 days! The whole town knew this was God!

Pokot land is so dry, most of the time it is in drought or violent storms and flash floods. There isn't much water for drinking, partly because it is salty ground and difficult to get wells. Most of the people drink and bathe in the river when the rains come until the land literally dries up again. Then you will see them continuing to dig deep holes down in the riverbed hoping for the last drops of water.

As we were getting set up for the small crusade in the town center, this precious lady that you see with me in the photo, came up while I was still getting my things together in the car.

She motioned with her hand to her mouth for something to drink. We had brought ourselves self-contained knowing the situation there. We had packed lunches along with water and even the fruit drinks with straws attached. I decided to give her my lunch and she got so excited when I opened the box and gave her some fruit which she devoured in a second, skin and all. It was a papaya.

Still watching me for more, I handed her a piece of pineapple and after that, a drink with the straw! She was insatiable so I just kept giving. Finally, she came around to the other side of the car where Loren was sitting and grabbed his hand to shake it in thanksgiving.

Then she grabbed for me and in one fell swoop, spit in her hand, I mean a really big spit, and grabbed my hand to shake it and then spit straight on me!

Loren had forgotten this custom and was backing away by now, but I remembered that in this culture, spitting on someone is the greatest way you can show your blessing on them! I was really "blessed!"

Things like this make us know that God loves us to send us here. Thanks for making a difference where people will spend eternity!


Celeste and Loren Davis

P.S. Click here if you want to plant a special gift for the work here in Africa.

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