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Newsletter from Loren and Celeste Davis

September 2008

Dear Parnters,

Just a note to tell you that God gave us a tremendous victory in Rwanda. We were in the small city of IGisenyi which is on the border of Goma, Congo. The people there are still bearing the physical and emotional scars from the 1994 Rwandan genocide which killed 1,072,000 people: 10,000 were slaughtered a day for one hundred days! Although there is peace in Rwanda now, there is still tension among many Hutus and Tutsis.

Coming in to Rwanda we faced many difficulties: our truck and equipment were held at customs for over a week; our Land Rover broke down while taking us on our last leg to Ignsenyi; and finally, because of bad food I was sick for several days right up to the very time the crusade started.

Despite all these handicaps the Spirit of God did something mighty. Many thousands came to Christ and the Lord did many great miracles. We then had a powerful two day conference which registered 1,745 ministers: 1000 from Rwanda and 745 from Congo. We had another 400 ministers outside the building listening by speakers. We were also able to minister to a local Bible school of 150 students.

When we returned to our base In Nairobi, Kenya, we had a one day youth conference which brought out 1,500 youth. It was absolutely electrifying. Right now we have rendezvoused with our building team in another part of Africa. We are now in the process of building 23 new churches in unreached areas, 22 of them in Muslim villages. Our crusade team is headed this way joining us after a week long difficult trip from Rwanda.

In the middle of January we to continue building more churches in Africa among primitive tribes. From Africa, we will then fly across the Indian Ocean and preach our first major crusade in INDIA. There are now over 1 billion people living in India and most of them are Hindu. They must hear about the only Savior, Jesus!

Inflation has also hit us hard here in Africa making our expenses higher than expected. We will continue working in Africa, but we believe God wants us to also start expanding to other continents as well.

We need your help to start building up our fund for this upcoming trip in January to build more churches in Africa and to get a massive harvest of souls in India. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

Faithfully yours in the harvest field,

Loren and Celeste Davis


P.S. Click here if you want to plant a special gift for the work here in Africa.

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