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Newsletter from Loren and Celeste Davis

September 2006

Dear Precious Friends,

We were scheduled to leave for Africa August 21st, but a medical emergency arose on Friday, August 18th before we were to leave on Monday. We had a medical screening where they discovered a severely blocked carotid artery in my neck. I had been having a few symptoms of numbness in my right arm. Our doctor recommended we deal with this before going to Africa. We decided to let wisdom prevail.

It has been difficult to get help because we had no hospitalization. No one will cover us because of being in Africa six months a year. We ran into a wall getting help. On Tuesday, the 22nd, we decided to go hospital to hospital seeking help, but to no avail. We were sitting in a hospital lobby after another rejection, trying to decide what we would do next. My phone rang, and it was a cardio vascular surgeon. He said a mutual friend told him of my situation and he could help. I told him I had no insurance. He told us to come down anyway. It was a phone call from heaven.

The next morning at 7:00 a.m, I was admitted and went into surgery. The doctor found five blocked arteries in my heart, one 95% and the others were 75%, 75%, 75% and 70%. He put five stents in my heart. Afterwards he told Celeste he was not sending us a bill. What a miracle! The mutual friend that connected us with this surgeon was a man who had contacted us after reading our story in the The Wall Street Journal this past April 25th. I was concerned that the article would hurt us, but God used it to save my life and the ministry. The devil's plan backfired like always.

Monday, I had a second cardiovascular procedure and they successfully put a stent in my neck. Thank God, everything went well. We have applied for assistance on the expensive hospital bill. I know the Lord will provide! Of course, this has rearranged our schedule.

The doctor said we could return to Africa in a month, so we are planning to leave by the end of September.

Thanks for standing with us as we recover and get strong to continue fulfilling the call of God. I hope this testimony will build your faith in our Almighty God.

Yours in Christ,

Loren and Celeste Davis


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