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Newsletter from Loren and Celeste Davis

Makuru Crusade Report - Winter 2012

Dear Partner,

The Lord gave us a marvelous harvest in the Makuru kwa Jenga slums in Nairobi, Kenya. There had never been a crusade on this field before. The crusade was in the middle of the worst slum of Nairobi and it was the first time a crusade had ever been held on this field. This is a very dangerous place and the field is a place where many have been murdered. We had to have heavy armed security, but the glory of God came down. There were two attempts to sabotage the crusade: one by the Muslims and the other by our enemies who have been dogging us for the last three crusades; but praise God, their attempts failed!

Thousands attended and it appeared the whole field of people responded for salvation, to be born again. There was great joy and singing. Many demon possessed were delivered. A little girl who had never stood or walked in her life stood and walked on the platform with a lady holding her hand. A woman who had a tumor in her stomach that was so large she looked pregnant, testified the tumor disappeared while we were praying. Her stomach now was flat. She had such joy. Many testified of wonderful miracles.

The last two nights of the crusade, the President of Kenya had the crusade broadcast live to the State House by satellite so he could watch it. The crusade was also broadcast live on a major national radio station at prime time, so we literally preached to millions all over the nation of Kenya. We also broadcast our Interfaith Conference four hours to the nation. We gave the phone number of our crusade manager and after each program his phone would ring continuously for hours of people wanting to get saved; giving testimonies of healing and sharing prayer requests. The station on their own initiative, rebroadcasted the crusade messages four extra times on their own without charge, at times not breaking for the news.

All the glory belongs to Jesus! Thanks to our precious partners who prayed and gave to make this possible. Great will be your reward in heaven! We trust this report brings you great joy.

Faithfully yours,

Loren and Celeste Davis

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